About Madland

Madland is a food political community and gathering point for those who are determined to change and rethink the foodsystems towards a more sustainable way of producing and eating.
On our platforms we want to involve, inspire and urge people to reflect critically and act.

Through meetings, media and knowledge Madland connects and equips food professionals and food citizens alike to better understand our joint responsibility and to take an active role in caring for the life in, on and above the soil. We wish to come to a deeper collective understanding of the complex system behind the products and produce we eat.
We wish to create room for coalitions and communities that bring together those of us that work and eat our way to a renewed food system.

In other words, we want to democratize our food systems.
We believe that good food and great produce comes from being transparent, sharing knowledge, and thinking critically – today as well as tomorrow.

Madland was founded in 2020.

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Jacob Damgaard: Founder and Director
22905025 | jacob@madland.dk

Spokes person  

Marie Sainabou Jeng: Founder and Programme Director
26147260 | marie@madland.dk