What is Madland?

Madland is a community for food political agendas. We are co-created by people vested in changing traditional food systems and actively working towards a more sustainable way of producing and eating. Madland embraces all the pioneers out there who both develop and nurture Denmark as a food nation.

We work actively to be a community that aspires and engages people to not only rethink food but also take action themselves. Both for the sake of our planet’s health, but just as importantly because we believe that food produced with an eye for quality and respect gives us the most delicious food on our plates.

Madland does that through meetings, media and knowledge sharing that connect and equip food professionals and eaters alike to better understand our joint responsibility and to take an active role in climate change mitigation. We wish to come to a deeper collective understanding of the complex system behind the products and produce we all eat. We wish to create room for coalitions and communities that bring together those of us that work and eat their way to a renewed food system.

In other words, we want to democratize our food systems. We believe that good food and great produce comes from being transparent, sharing knowledge, and thinking critically - today and tomorrow.

In 2021 Madland is testing a range of concepts and productions. Stay tuned here for podcasts, digital zines, talks, articles, workshops and field trips to name a few. 

Madland is founded in 2020 by Koalition.

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Jacob Damgaard: Founder
22905025 | jacob@madland.dk

Spokes person  

Marie Sainabou Jeng: Founder
26147260 | marie@madland.dk