About The Coalitions

Do you want to rethink Danmark as a food nation?  During 2022 Madland will set up four coalitions that span across organisations and people in the food industry - each coalition have their own food political topic and consist of 8-12 members. The members can be food related organisations as well as individuals. Join us now in Spring 2022 and be a part of one of Madlands newly established coalitions the following 12 months.

A coalition is defined as a group of people that work together to achieve a common goal and/or improve a certain agenda. We need coalitions to accelerate sustainable production and consumption and the overall change of the food system that we so desperately need.

At Madland we are actively working to change the design of the food system within four different areas. Each coalition works with one of the four areas as their main theme.

And in each of the four coalitions we will define together the specific programme of meetings, talks, podcasts, articles, field trips and more that Madland and the members will produce over the course of the next 1,5 years. Together we will set the scene for collaborations and value based communities amongst those of us that are thoroughly invested in food politics, working and eating our way to a better and more sustainable future than the one laid out for us.

Together we can create change!

What are the four coalitions?

  • Circular food
  • The food-link between countryside and city
  • Fair food
  • Green Food


Important dates

June 14: Programme meetings for members of Madlands Coalitions

August 18- October 9: Madland Festival 2022

October 6: Celebration party of the Danish food industry @ CPH Food Space

April 20-23 2023: Madland Festival 2023

How you contribute is entirely up to you

As a member of a coalition at Madland you are co-creating a platform with other food professionals. A platform meant to exchange knowledge and skills and explore how we can solve structural problems within the food system together.

The members of each coalition decide themselves what specific problems they would like to work in depth with and how. In other words, you decide what you would like to focus on and how you can source knowledge, start new collaborations and create solutions.

As a member of a coalition at Madland you are using your good energy and limited resources in a manner that allows you to be efficient and focused on the actual problems whilst Madland supports you with all the practicalities and communications needed to spread the word about the work that you do within the coalitions.

Madland help create events and communicate your messages

Madland holds the overall responsibility for the programme of the coalitions just as we are in charge of executing the activities - events, talks, podcasts etc - that are part of the goals of the programme. We at Madland facilitate and bring about meetings and talks, produce content for social media and copywrite articles and so on.

Madland is working on communications and public relations related to the coalitions and their members - we are here to create awareness about you and your organisation. At Madland we are constantly promoting and highlighting events, projects and productions that happen within the coalitions through traditional media PR as well as our articles, social media channels and podcast episodes. This will all be made through close collaboration between Madland and the members of the coalitions.

Programme Goals

At Madland we want to be a place where food professionals and eaters alike can get to know one another and  inspire each other. We work actively towards being a community that aspires and engages people to not only rethink food but also take action themselves. Madland does that through meetings, media and knowledge sharing that connect and equip food professionals and eaters alike to better understand our shared responsibility and to take an active role in sustainable change.

These are the goals we’d like to achieve for the coalitions:

Each coalition will engage in creating the following activities from June 1 2022 to May 31 2023:
  • 1 field trip
  • 2 talks and meeting - e.g. at festivals or at people’s meetings
  • 1 laboratory
  • 1 podcast
  • 4 articles
PR and communications for each of the four coalitions from June 1 2022 to May 31 2023 (created by Madland):
  • 30 posts on Madlands social media channels incl. paid advertising = 120 posts in total
  • 1 PR initiative
  • 1 photo series
  • 1 video 
Across all four coalitions from June 1 2022 to May 31 2023 (created by Madland):
  • Madland Festival
  • Madland Magasin - 1 digital magazine, for layout reference please check www.madlandskaber.dk
  • 1 event calendar showing your and other relevant food events at www.madland.dk
  • 2 umbrella PR initiatives abut Madland
  • 15 newsletters
  • Programme meetings 

How much does it cost to take part in a coalition?

Madland is a community that we create together. Madland is 50% financed by the members taking part in a coalition with income from ticket sales for the events within the programme and the remaining 50% is financed by Koalition (the pr-company behind Madland) by spending work hours and ressources as well as paying for direct costs.

  • 5,000 DKK + VAT each month = 60,000 DKK a year for farmers, food producers, NGO’s, media institutions and political organisations
  • 1,500 DKK + VAT each month = 18,00 DKK + VAT a year for start-up companies and entrepreneurs
  • 200 DKK + VAT for scientists, food experts, independent writers, influencers and public speakers