Photo: Carla Ulrich

Die Gemeinschaft, our fellow organization in Germany working for a better food system, invites us to “Das Symposium for a New Food Culture” 11th and 12th September in and around Berlin. From global food policy to fermentation, from navigating power structures in the restaurant industry to regenerative agriculture, broaden your perspectives, exchange ideas across industries with culinary actors in Germany and Europe, and spark future collaborations. We are gathering a group from the Madland Community. Join us!

Af Marie Sainabou Jeng

Die Gemeinschaft e.V. invites us to “Das Symposium for a New Food Culture” - for the fourth time, Germany's most political food festival will take place on September 11th and 12th at Gut Boltenhof in Brandenburg and in Berlin. 300 participants from all over the food system come together for personal exchange, inspiration and discussion of relevant topics: from legumes to new ways of working and animal husbandry with speakers like Julia Bar-Tal, Johnny Drain or Johannes Kolonko. We discuss, demonstrate and taste in the field, in the kitchen and in the mind. 

Madland is gathering a group from the Madland Community. Join us!

When? 11th and 12th September 2023. Where? First day at Gut Boltenhof, second day throughout Berlin. What? Around 50 workshops, discussions & tours from professionals for professionals. There will be several events in English.

In order that those who actually sow, grow and harvest our food can be there, there is a discounted ticket for people who work in agriculture! 

More info and tickets here. If you want to join the Madland Community Group please contact Marie Sainabou Jeng at marie@madland.dk before Wednesday 17th August, so we can buy a group ticket. If you want to join the Monday dinner at the Symposium, please buy your own dinner ticket separately.